Services – crisis management, trauma informed personal training and nutrition with an additional specialization in seniors fitness
Credentials – clinical Traumatologist, C.P.T., B.A., CISM Trained – both individual and group, mental health first aid, CPR and AED first aid, NVCI trained in de-escalation
I would like it highlighted that it’s a 24 hour service and that I go to the individual vs the other way around.
I would also like to have a section on there on group work facilitation, professional speaking and development, education, individualized programs for transitioning to and from treatment, family systems work – with a focus on the impact of trauma on the family unit – here children can have a chance to voice their concerns, and to receive some crucial insight as to what mom or dad are going through and that there are ways to heal and strategies to use in case of crisis, bereavement groups for unexpected death / loss of a loved one,
Group training – a fun way to reach your health goals and save money at the same time!
Additionally, I’d like a section on first responders- support system for any and all individuals who experience trauma as a part of their occupation – nurses, doctors, ems, police, fire, military, corrections and other